Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of modern motorists extends beyond the realm of traditional vehicles. Our comprehensive fuel offerings not only cater to cars but also address the requirements of various sectors, ensuring that industries ranging from transportation and logistics to agriculture and construction can benefit from our high-quality fuels. We provide E10 petrol, E5 super petrol, 98 octane fuel, and premium 95 unleaded.

In transportation, our fuels power cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles, ensuring smooth travel while minimizing environmental impact. They also drive logistics operations, supporting delivery vans and freight trucks, contributing to efficient supply chain functioning. In agriculture, our fuels power machinery like tractors and harvesters, boosting productivity and meeting food demands. Similarly, in construction, our fuels drive heavy machinery for infrastructure projects, promoting economic growth. Halso provides tailored fuel solutions for diverse industries, enhancing performance and sustainability.


AdBlue is a vital solution for modern diesel engines, especially those equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, designed to reduce harmful emissions. At Halso, we deliver AdBlue, a non-toxic, colorless liquid composed of urea and deionized water. When injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles, AdBlue undergoes a chemical reaction with nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, converting them into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Our AdBlue delivery service ensures that businesses and individuals have access to this essential fluid whenever they need it. Whether for commercial fleets or personal vehicles, our prompt and reliable delivery service guarantees that you never run out of AdBlue when you need it most. With our commitment to environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction, Halso is your trusted partner for AdBlue delivery, helping you comply with emissions regulations and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Red Diesel

Specialising in delivering high-quality red diesel across the UK for agriculture, horticulture, rail transport, and heating systems. Our red diesel, similar to regular diesel but dyed red for identification, meets specific taxation regulations. Whether you need fuel for agricultural equipment, construction machinery, or heating systems, our prompt delivery ensures you have what you need.

Our red diesel adheres strictly to British Standard BS 2869:2010 and complies with European legislation, boasting low sulphur content and containing up to 7% biodiesel. By choosing Halso, you contribute to emission reduction efforts and conserve non-renewable fuel sources. We offer nationwide or local same-day, next-day, and emergency on-site delivery, catering to any order size from small drums to large bulk deliveries. Our mini tankers are ideal for sites with limited access, providing flexibility and convenience.

Premium Kerosene

Premium kerosene, also known as premium heating oil, is a higher-grade variant of traditional kerosene used for heating purposes in domestic and commercial settings. It is refined to higher specifications, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient burning fuel compared to standard kerosene. Premium kerosene typically contains additives that enhance its performance, improve combustion, and help prevent the buildup of deposits in heating systems.

At Halso, we take pride in providing and delivering premium kerosene to our customers across the UK. Our premium-grade kerosene ensures optimal performance and efficiency, helping to keep your heating systems running smoothly and effectively, particularly during the colder months. With our reliable delivery service, you can count on us to supply premium kerosene promptly and efficiently, ensuring your home or business stays warm and comfortable throughout the year.

White Diesel & ULSD

We supply premium diesel directly from the refinery, ensuring the highest standards for vehicles. Our on-site storage tanks, with a capacity of up to 540,000 litres, guarantee uninterrupted deliveries even during strikes or disasters. Diesel, also known as derv, white diesel, road diesel, or ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel), is suitable for all road vehicles, including trucks, cars, and vans. ULSD is environmentally friendly, with reduced sulphur content, offering quick starting and reduced deposits. 

Thanks to our independence and purchasing power, we offer cost-effective prices, passing savings to you. Halso provides diesel in quantities from 200 to 36,000 litres, delivered anywhere in the UK.


Halso has expanded its sustainable fuel offerings by providing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a next-generation biodiesel. This renewable fuel is made from vegetable oils and animal fats, which undergo a hydrotreatment process to create a high-quality diesel alternative. HVO is known for its ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional diesel, supporting efforts to combat climate change. By incorporating HVO into its product lineup, Halso is catering to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses seeking to decrease their carbon footprint without compromising on engine performance. Halso’s commitment to HVO underscores its dedication to sustainability and innovation in the fuel industry, providing customers with advanced, cleaner fuel options that contribute to a greener future.

El Oils &

Halso proudly partners with its sister company, EL Oils & Lubricants, to offer a comprehensive range of oils and lubricants designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Whether you're looking for automotive lubricants, industrial oils, or specialty greases, EL Oils has you covered with high-quality products that ensure optimal performance and protection for your machinery and equipment. To explore the full array of products available and place an order, click here. Discover how EL Oils can enhance your operational efficiency with their reliable and efficient solutions.

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