Difficult Access Deliveries

Fuelling the unreachable

We are committed to providing seamless fuel delivery services, regardless of location challenges. We understand that not all delivery sites are easily accessible, which is why we’ve invested in a specialized 4×4 delivery vehicle equipped with a custom-built 1000-litre fuel tank. This robust setup allows us to efficiently reach even the most remote or challenging sites, ensuring that our clients receive their fuel supplies without any disruption. Whether you’re located in a bustling city or a secluded rural area, we can deliver. 


Drum Delivery Services
In addition to bulk deliveries, Halso offers convenient drum delivery services. We can deliver barrels containing up to 205 liters of red diesel directly to your site, making it an ideal solution for smaller operations or sites with limited storage capacity. Our drum delivery service ensures that you have the fuel you need in manageable quantities, reducing the hassle of fuel management.


Hand Pumps and Storage Solutions
For added convenience, Halso provides hand pumps and storage solutions for drums and containers. These tools are essential for effective fuel management, allowing for easy and safe fuel transfer from drums to equipment or storage tanks. Our storage solutions are designed to keep your fuel secure and accessible, enhancing your operational efficiency and safety.

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