Fuel Up - Lift Service

The Halso UK Fuels Limited's specialist tanker fleet is at your service for fuel uplifts and transfers.

All our drivers are trained in operating fuel transfer pumps, handling hazardous materials and following spill response procedures, so problems are dealt with safely and professionally.

We handle all types of fuel including petroleum spirit, and can uplift from both above ground and underground storage tanks using specialist tankers and fuel transfer pump equipment. Our tanker fleet can handle bulk fuel transfers to and from anywhere in the UK. On request, fuel can be stored at one of our facilities.

We can collect surplus automotive fuels such as derv and gas oil through to heating fuels Our specialist tankers and trained drivers can efficiently handle surplus products in an environmentally sound manner.

How Fuel Contamination can Cause Your Diesel Generator to Fail

Many facilities use diesel generators as a source of emergency power. Most facilities have a separate building that is used to house the backup generators. They must provide power very quickly, so the generators require frequent testing. A supply of diesel fuel must be readily available to feed into the generators so that they start properly and remain in operation during the power outage. The diesel fuel is contained in large storage tanks located near the diesel engines. When the facility experiences a power loss, the generators receive a signal to begin producing power. While they do not last extremely long, they can maintain power for several hours, giving the facility time to regain power from the main power source.

Contaminated fuel will cause a back-up diesel generator to fail in its task to provide emergency power. Since diesel fuel used in back-up power applications remains stagnant between each diesel engine testing period, which can be sometimes as long as 3-6 weeks, the fuel tank will form condensation. If the water is not removed, it will continue to accumulate in the tank. When the water settles to the bottom of the tank, it serves as a catalyst for microbiological growth to occur.

At Halso we can remove your old fuel and replace it with new, fresh, quality product.

Ask one of our generator experts about fuel uplifts and replacement.