VW Air-Cooled Engine Oils


With the correct lubricants in your Vintage VW Air-cooled engine, you will:-
   • Reduce Engine Wear
   • Reduce Running Temperature
   • Increase Fuel Economy
   • Reduce Emissions

Air-cooled Engine Oil Technology – Past and Present

When Volkswagen developed the original Air-cooled engines, they were designed with global operating tolerances in mind.
Recommendations varied from 5w for Arctic applications, to SAE 30 for the normal UK climate. As far as engine oils are concerned, Experienced Air -cooled Mechanics will always say ‘the thicker the better’ and to a certain degree, the thicker the motor oil, then the greater the protection of the components within your engine. 

HALSO Air-cooled Motor Oil - The Final Component in any Air-cooled VW Engine Build.

How Does the Correct Oil Protect my Air-cooled Engine?
Other than the weight of the Motor Oil you use in your engine, the most important additive in any flat tappet camshaft systems (all VW Air -cooled engines), is the ZDDP (Zinc DiakylDithioPhosphates) content. This additive is proven to reduce wear, especially on surfaces such as the flat tappets within an Air-cooled engine. Indeed, after-market performance component manufacturers such as Engle will only uphold warranty situations, if the user can prove that the engine oil they have used has the correct ZDDP level.
The problem for owners of Air-cooled VWs is that over the past 25 years, Government legislation has forced Lubricant Manufacturers to constantly reduce ZDDP additive levels in mainstream motor oils, mainly due to the fact that they have a destructive effect on modern catalytic converters.
As standard and even performance Air-cooled engines are not required to run any form of catalytic converter in the UK, then a higher ZPPD level only benefits engine running and performance.
Manufactured in the UK
Here at HALSO Lubricants, we have used our extensive knowledge and experience to manufacture (blend) a range of Motor Oils specifically for Air cooled Engine Applications, with the correct ZDDP additive content. In addition, our range of Air-cooled Lubricants also contain the very latest in supplemental additive technology, which means that the internals of your engine are kept in the very best condition.Our range consists of 2 standard Mineral Oils (or Dino Oil, if you prefer) and 1 Semi-synthetic Oil, blended to 3 varied weights for Standard, Modified and Performance Applications.
Not many lubricant manufacturers publish the ZDDP level in their motor oils, as they are, on the whole, insufficient. The ZDDP Levels in our range of VW Air-cooled Motor Oils ranges from 1200 - 1600+ppm. There - Now you know :)

Standard VW Air-cooled 10w30 Mineral Motor Oil
Our Standard 10w30 is manufactured with low dispersant qualities, which allow suspended materials to fall to the sump, as no oil filtration, other than the standard gauze/filter is present.

Modified VW Air-cooled 15w40 Mineral Motor Oil
Our Modified 15w40 however, makes use of a non-standard oil filtration system being added to an engine, which is much more efficient at removing suspended materials, allowing for a more viscous and therefore a more protective engine weight.

Performance VW Air-cooled 10w40 Semi-synthetic Motor Oil
Our Performance Oil is a 10w40 Semi-synthetic Motor Oil, with even higher ZDDP content, designed specifically for larger VW Air-cooled ‘stroker’ motors, where higher temperatures and tighter component tolerances expected. The winter weight of this oil has been dropped to 10w, to aid cold starting of these larger capacity power plants.

HALSO recommends that an oil change is completed every 3,000 miles, as a ‘thinning’ of the oil will be experienced, due mainly to the heat. This apparent thinning of the oil is not the actual base oil losing it’s viscosity, but is mainly due to the fact that the additives (usually around 18-20% of the volume) start to breakdown and lose their effectiveness under high temperatures.

The HALSO Range of HIGH PERFORMANCE AIR-COOLED LUBRICANTS are formulated to give the following benefits:-

• Increased ZDDP Additive Levels, to reduce engine wear and protect internal components
• Excellent Lubrication over a wide temperature range
• Ease of cold start combined with rapid circulation
• Reduced wear & oil consumption
• High level of engine cleanliness
• Lower emissions
• Compatibility with after treatment systems
• Protection from Combustion contaminents


The Full Range of Air-cooled Motor Oils are available from our UK Stockists:-