A Ghostly Account...

There have been many ghostly goings-on experienced by workers and employees at our Fradley location over the years; this is one of the personal accounts:

Famous Ghost Story from Thomas Keegan

I have read many stories/rumours regarding the ghost (or maybe even ghosts) of Fradley Airfield. I cannot claim to have experienced any such encounters.

However I did have a strange occurrence. In the 60,s when Halso,s present depot was being refurbished by Total Oil GB. I was employed on the site as the site rep.

The depot had been a fuel depot for aircraft and was being converted to accommodate and distribute petroleum products.

All the storage was underground and covered in earth bunding, in fact most of the information on the depot still came under the official secrets act.

It was a beautiful calm August day. three of us had spent the entire morning managing to open the doors to a bunded concrete building. The building was to be the office. The doors were large, heavy and were originally designed to roll open.

With the passage of time, lack of use and accumulation of rust the proved difficult to open with use of a crow bar and sheer brute strength (oh and mustn’t forget the wd40) we prised them open.

We figured we owed ourselves a brew and had gone to our mess to enjoy. We were stood outside enjoying the rays. The building and said doors were some distance away when there was a noise from the building.

There was four of us, broad daylight and not a breeze. Being the heros we were we all went to investigate and found to our amazement - the doors fully open. There was no answer there was only the four of us on site (bear in mind Fradley was nowhere near the site it is to day it was pretty deserted)

Lucas had a hanger as storage on the next site. They had a gatehouse, a considerable security presence and six pretty unfriendly Alsatians. There had always been a certain amount of banter from security along the lines that it would be a foolhardy ghost who would take them on.

I went to their guardroom and asked them if they wanted to investigate. Two of their dog handlers couldn’t wait to get to the site plus two of the dogs. When we got to the site we reopened the doors, still requiring some brute force.

With the doors open the dog handlers went to enter plus the dogs. To our amazement the dogs would not enter the building!!!! They cowered down on their bellies and began whining. It became our mystery and we never divulged it to any one.

…And that was our Fradley Airfield experience!!!!!!